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Our Neighborhoods

Age appropriate, family friendly

Our general pediatric units are located on the third floor and are divided by age group into different "neighborhoods." We make every effort to admit your child to the age-appropriate unit, but occasionally bed availability may require an alternative unit assignment. Each neighborhood has its own theme and décor and is situated around a nursing center.

Children are assigned to neighborhoods by age group:

Younger children:

  • Infants are in the Sailing Neighborhood (Rooms 3102-3118)
  • Toddlers are in the Heroes Neighborhood (Rooms 3120-3138)
  • Pre-school children are in the Flight Neighborhood (Rooms 3140-3156)

Older children:

  • School-aged children are in the Theater Neighborhood (Rooms 3200-3218)
  • Adolescents are in the Literature Neighborhood (Rooms 3240-3256)
  • Oncology patients are in the Arts Neighborhood (Rooms 3220-3238)

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is a Level IV (most sophisticated) center that cares for the region's most seriously ill newborns. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit provides specialized care for severely injured and sick children. Both units, which are unique in the area, are located on the second floor of Maria Fareri Children's Hospital.

Please feel free to walk around to see the other neighborhoods and enjoy the unique character of each. Due to infection control concerns we ask that you not visit the Arts neighborhood.

Each neighborhood has a nutritional center containing juice and snacks, as well as a separate sitting area for families so you can be close to your child. There are separate playrooms off of each nursing center containing age-appropriate toys for each age group.

For teens and other technology-savvy children, there is the Lion's Den (room 3272), an interactive game room that provides kids with a respite during their hospital stays.

In addition to gaming and other electronic equipment, the rooms have the latest communications tools so children and parents can connect with family and friends anywhere in the world. The Lion's Den at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital (there are Lion's Dens in other children's hospitals in North America) has multiple video game systems, personal computers with Internet access, a video conference pod and a large, flat-screen television. 
Most of our patient rooms on the third floor are single rooms. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, closet, shelves, telephone, flat screen television, and DVD/VCR player. There is also a sofa that converts to a single bed to accommodate a parent staying overnight. Please do not bring any additional furniture/mats to the hospital as they may impede our staff's ability to care for your child. The nursing station is in the center of all the rooms in each neighborhood.