Surgical Outcomes

Maria Fareri Children's Hospital performed 146 pediatric cardiac surgeries from 2006-2007 with a success rate of 98.6%.

Listed below are major operations performed and their survival rates.

Operation Type  Survival Rate
AICD Implant 100%
ASD Primum Repair 100%
ASD Secundum, sinus venousus, ASD repair,  100%
partial anamolous pulmonary venous drainage  
and ASD repair  
AVSD Repair 100%
Blalock-Taussig shunt and Central shunt 100%
Coarctation Repair 100%
Conduit reoperation 100%
Bidirectional Glenn and Kawashima operation 100%
Fontain operation 100%
Norwood operation 85%
Pacemaker primary implant 100%
Pulmonary valve transplant 100%
Pulmonary atresia and VSD repair 100%
Subaortic fibromyectomy 100%
Total anamolous pulmonary venous drainage repair 100%
Tetrology and Double outlet right ventricle repair 100%
Arterial switch 100%
Vascular ring repair 100%
VSD repair 100%