Model of Care

A Collaborative Approach

Working in collaboration with other subspecialty services, the pediatric rheumatologists at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital provide consultation for patients with autoimmune disease associated with immunodeficiency, infectious disease, endocrine disorders, genetic and metabolic diseases, post transplantation and cystic fibrosis.

In children, arthritis and other rheumatic diseases can be difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat.  Some children have swollen, painful or stiff joints.  Others have fevers, skin rashes, weak muscles and swollen glands.  Still others may have abdominal pains and weight loss.  Juvenile rheumatic diseases affect each child differently, with effects on growth, sports activities, school and social activities.

Working together with the child or adolescent, the family, caregiver, primary care physician, school and community, we develop a plan for the management of his or her condition.  We keep the primary care physician informed of the patient's diagnosis and treatment provided at MFCH.  We believe in family-centered care with the patients and caregivers as partners in the management of their condition. We treat your child as an individual, not as an adult, not as a patient, not as a disease.

At your visit we will take a detailed history and physical.  We will review results of laboratory, X-ray and other tests presented at your visit.  Some children will need only one visit.  Others need follow-up care to treat their condition. 

We care for patients from infancy to young adulthood.  The transition to college, work and self-care is an important one and we continue care for patients as needed.  Consultation visits are scheduled Monday through Friday by contacting the Division. For physician information or a physician referral, please call 1-866-WMC-PEDS (866-962-7337).