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Activity Kits

Like all children, our patients and their brothers and sisters need to keep busy! We have a lot of wonderful programs at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital, but sometimes a bag-full-of-fun is exactly what they need.

Gathering materials for and building activity bags makes for a great "way to give" project for individuals and groups of all ages!

Below are some suggestions of activities that can be put together and placed in a Ziploc bag to be distributed to children on our traveling art cart. Pick one or more age groups and fill your baggies with some or all of the items listed. Please label the outside of the bag with the appropriate age group (for example "Toddler".)

Note: Please do not include small items/pieces that can be swallowed.

School-Age Kids

  • Color-by-number kits
  • Word search pages
  • Necklace/bracelet kits
  • Model Magic
  • Foam picture frames with small glue bottle
  • Sun catcher with paints
  • Coloring pages with crayons
  • Start-up lanyard/gimp kits


  • Necklace/bracelet kits
  • Model Magic
  • Keychain kits
  • Poster board pictures to color and markers or colored pencils
  • Collage material with small glue
  • Word search pages and pencils
  • Start-up lanyard/gimp kits