The Sleep Laboratory

The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and Westchester Medical Center, in conjunction with Sleep Services of America, have a full-service sleep lab to help diagnose a variety of sleep disorders in children. Located in a private setting on the Medical Center’s Valhalla campus, the lab consists of four (two pediatric and two adult) comfortably appointed, private bedrooms and a control room.

We are one of a few sleep centers in the entire region capable of performing sleep studies on patients of all ages while accommodating parents as part of the overnight study, with specially trained and experienced technicians and pediatric sleep specialists.

 Pediatric Polysomnograms (Sleep Studies)

  • This overnight diagnostic procedure is noninvasive and painless, with parents or guardians staying with their children throughout the night.
  • The first step is for your child to be seen by a physician – either your own physician or one from the Sleep Center. After the evaluation of the child’s sleep-related symptoms, a polyomnogram (sleep study) is ordered if deemed appropriate.
  • After receiving the physician's referral form the staff at the Sleep Center will obtain authorization from your insurance company and then contact you to schedule the test.
  • During the sleep study, a technician monitors the child and the equipment while a computerized system digitally records a number of physiological parameters. This recording will give information with regard to the sleep architecture (sleep stages), the presence of abnormal respiratory events, and whether these events interfere with various normal bodily functions such as maintaining normal oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, as well as normal sleep.
  • After the study is completed this data is then evaluated by a sleep physician, who generates a diagnostic sleep report with recommendations for treatment, which could include surgery (such as removal of the tonsils and adenoids, also know as a T&A), CPAP treatment, weight loss, or medications.

Depending on the patient's specific needs various types of sleep studies can be performed at our sleep lab:

  • A standard overnight polysomnogram
  • A polysomnogram that includes initiation and/or titration of CPAP or BiPAP
  • A standard overnight polysomnogram followed by a Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)

For more information about the sleep laboratory, call the Sleep Center at (914)493-1105.

For consultation with a pediatric pulmonologist and/or sleep specialist, call the Division of Asthma, Allergy, and Sleep medicine at (914) 493-7585.

Physicians who want to directly order a polysomnogram, please fill out the Pediatric Sleep Study Referral Form completely and fax it to (914) 493-1501. View and print the Referral Form.

A polysomnogram can be ordered by any physician (both from within and outside the sleep center), but prior to scheduling a study all referrals will first be reviewed for approval by one of the sleep lab's medical directors.

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