After the RNICU

Determining a Discharge Date

The length of your baby's hospitalization will depend on your baby's condition and special needs.  Shortly after being admitted to the Regional Neonatal Center, the healthcare team will meet regularly to plan your baby's discharge and to discuss this with you.

Generally, your baby will be ready to go home when he or she demonstrates the following:

  • Maintains a normal body temperature while in an open crib (bassinet) for at least 48 hours
  • Nipple feeds successfully at all feedings from breast or bottle
  • Shows a steady weight gain for 2-3 days while on full feedings in an open crib (bassinet)
  • Has no other active medical conditions requiring hospitalization.

Going Home

Your baby's nurse will provide instructions on the baby's care. Our doctors, nurses, social workers and other members of the healthcare team will assist you in preparing for your baby to go home several weeks before the anticipated discharge day. If there are special needs for apnea monitor, oxygen or other things our healthcare team caring for your baby will discuss these with you.
The best way to prepare for the baby to come home is to care for your baby as much as you can during your visits to the hospital.

Transferring to Another Hospital

When your baby no longer requires intensive care at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital Center, he or she may be transported to one of our many affiliated nurseries closer to your home. As part of our network of medical professionals, they will be able to provide the type of medical care your baby will need.

Many families are nervous about the transfer of their baby to another hospital. This is a common feeling relating to meeting a new healthcare team, becoming acquainted with a new hospital and leaving a familiar nursery with familiar faces.

Transferring your baby to a hospital closer to your home is a positive experience. Your own pediatrician will become acquainted with you and your baby. This is an important time to continue to care for your baby.

Even after transfer, the physicians and nursing staff of the Regional Neonatal Center will be available to your pediatrician as needed to help guide your baby's care before discharge to home.

  • High Risk Neonatal Follow-Up Program
    Since prematurity or illness in the newborn period may affect your baby's development, many babies admitted to an intensive care nursery need to be followed closely for appropriate milestones during their development. The High Risk Neonatal Follow-Up Program is very important for your baby. One of our medical staff will contact you before discharge to discuss the type of follow-up services that are necessary for your baby and a report of this visit will be sent to your baby's healthcare provider.
  • General Pediatric & Subspecialty Follow-Up
    At the time of discharge we will coordinate all important follow-up appointments. A discharge summary and discharge instructions will be given to you for your records and for you to provide to your baby's healthcare provider.
  • Immunizations (Vaccines)
    In many cases, immunizations can be given prior to discharging home Our staff will initiate the recordkeeping for you.
  • Infant Hearing Screening Program
    In accordance with New York State Department of Health regulations all babies will have a hearing screening as part of our routine newborn care. Screenings are performed at the infant's bedside by our Speech and Hearing Center and a pamphlet explaining the results and a written report are placed in the infant's medical record.
  • Infant C.P.R. Skills Class
    We recommend that ALL parents learn C.P.R. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Classes are held in Maria Fareri Children's H