Patient Resources

Patient Resources

Healing Together

At Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, families play an active role in the healing process, which is why we believe in providing each member of the family with the resources they need on the journey toward recovery.

Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy

Our Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy team works closely with pediatric oncology patients and families as they adjust to the physical and emotional rigors of cancer care. Using music, literature, art, and therapeutic play, Child Life team members guide children, siblings, and parents through difficult moments by encouraging them to be creative and discover their own strength.

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley, located just steps away from Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, provides a temporary home-away-from-home for families of children facing illness. For more information, please visit

Wellness and Survivorship

The Institute of Medicine tells us that survivorship begins at the time of diagnosis, and yet treatment of childhood cancers and blood disorders may have effects long after therapy ends. Therefore, continued long-term care that supports pediatric and adult health is key. 

In the Wellness and Survivorship Program at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, our goal is to prevent, detect, and treat problems that could arise from treatment for cancer and blood disorders, including from stem cell transplantation. As with each program, a multidisciplinary team of specialists is dedicated to the holistic care of each patient, providing comprehensive evaluation of the physical, psychological, and social needs of our survivors and their families. This approach ensures optimal healthcare delivery to this unique population. The program additionally participates in the development of clinical research trials to reduce the long-term effects of chemotherapy and radiation on our young and growing patients. 

The survivorship “care team” consists of a pediatric oncologist, nurse practitioner, and social worker, who are specially trained in caring for survivors. Patients in the program receive a personalized Survivorship Care Plan, which provides a summary of their treatment and a customized plan for follow-up in the years to come. Recommendations are based on our vast experience caring for survivors as well as guidelines published by the Children’s Oncology Group, known experts in the field of childhood cancer and beyond. 

Surrounding the care team is a group of specialists familiar with evaluating the health of childhood cancer and stem cell transplant survivors. In collaboration, the team within the Wellness and Survivorship Program:

• Monitors and managers physical and psychological late effects
• Provides health education to survivors and their families regarding diagnoses, treatment exposures, and potential late effects
• Provides referrals to specialists and resources
• Encourages activities that promote health and wellness
• Supports social, education, and vocational needs
• Assists with financial and insurance issues
• Guides transition from pediatric to adult-focused healthcare
• Empowers survivors to advocate for their own healthcare needs
• Facilitates research into long-term survivorship